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马到成功奇石 鉴赏

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[Tibet. Recommendation] column for the strong dissemination effect of the collection to recommend to buyers the selected art treasures by experts at the first level of national appraisal, to bridge the gap for Tibetans, so that the value of thousands of art treasures are excavated and valued, and high-priced transactions can be concluded in the auction.


【类型】: 杂项


【Name】:Success is hard to come by


【Specifications】: Weight: 3226g


When the lights are bright, the stars look out over the earth. At this point, looking up at the starry night sky, can not help but give rise to a little exploration of the vast universe thoughts and questions. How old is the universe? What do we know about the universe so far? In the face of such a vast and boundless universe, human beings seem to have how small! And how did all the natural things in the world, such as this rock, come into being? How many years has it lived? Strange stone, because of its pure nature and uniqueness, is attracting the attention and collection interest of more and more people around the world. The various information contained in the stone, through the enthusiasts' bold imagination, far-fetched or attached, the final conclusion is: as long as the image or appearance of the stone can be tenable and accepted by the majority of people. Then, whether in the so-called circle or the whole society, this seemingly ordinary stone will immediately reflect the value of the world! Do you believe or acknowledge that statement?


This is a flat, thin piece of cobblestone that has been around for thousands of years. The species of stone is said to be Yellow River stone. It is an irregular ellipse. The front of the black and white stone design shows a galloping horse with four hooves that seem to be stepping on something under its hind hooves. Images create a very familiar feeling. After careful investigation, the conclusion of "the horse stepping on the swallow" is drawn. "Horse stepping on a swallow" is one of the treasures of gansu Museum -- The Bronze ware of Han Dynasty. The legendary experience after its excavation makes the world venerate.


"Horse stepping on swallows" - Bronze ware of the Han Dynasty, unearthed in October 1969. Also known as ma Chao longke, copper galloping horse, horse attack crow, horse trample flying, etc. It is the treasure of the town hall of Gansu Provincial Museum. It is 34.5 cm high, 45 cm long and 13 cm wide and weighs 71.5 kg. The horse stepping swallow has been regarded as a symbol of the superb sculpture and foundry industry in ancient China since its discovery. In ancient China, horse has always been a symbol of national vitality and prosperity. In ancient myths and legends, there are many records about the horse, what, tianma. In the ancient war, the horse is more meritorious service, "The horse to success" is from this. Qin Shi Huang unified the six states, and the horses took the greatest credit, as evidenced by the terra-cotta warriors and horses. Emperor Taizong of the Tang dynasty fought for years, and the "six jun" achieved outstanding military achievements. The history of Genghis Khan's cuirassiers as they swept through Eurasia has made people realize that no other animal has influenced human history as deeply as the horse. It can be said that the cavalry composed of men and horses was the most formidable military force at that time. Thousands of years of sword and sword in the horse and man together to create history. Therefore, the horse calendar came to be revered and loved by the people. Painters painted it, scholars wrote about it, great men rode it, horse tasters trained it, sculptors carved it. There are countless famous horse paintings, stories and legends, such as Xu Beihong's horse painting, Jiufang Gao's horse judging, Wang Hai's horse training, six Horses in Zhaoling, eight Horses Drawing, etc.


This piece of stone for the success of the strange stone, valuable is, this stone like nature, without any modification, repair, saw cut, grinding and polishing! So the more increase its collection value and market value!!


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